About Us

Karo Sambhav is building a cohesive e-waste movement across India by making it possible for people and institutions to responsibly recycle their electronic waste. Karo Sambhav designs and implements Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes for leading brands like Apple, Cisco, Dell, Flipkart, HP, Lenovo, and Nokia (HMD) and enables them to be thought leaders in closing the material loops.

Our work has brought together industry associations, municipal corporations, NGOs, informal sector waste pickers, collectors and aggregators, and responsible recyclers across India committed to responsible recycling.

Our biggest strength lies in building relationships and formalising the informal sector. We’re working at a grassroots level to build capacity of the unorganised & informal waste pickers, collectors & aggregators and to help them grow with pride. Our work integrates these informal channels into a legitimate, systemic and transparent collection channel, through various programmes across the e-waste value chain.

Karo Sambhav has partnered with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), a part of the World Bank Group, to set up a robust India-wide transformative solution on e-waste management with the aim of making recycling a way of life and the implementation of a PRO solution for the industry.

Karo Sambhav is also a part of the 12th cohort of Microsoft ScaleUp programme designed for startups offering a single point of entry to engage with Microsoft through a broad-based and holistic approach.

Karo Sambhav’s presence extends to all 29 States and 3 Union Territories in India.

Our fundamental objectives are to work together with electronic producers to:

  • Keep obsolete or discarded electronic products out of landfills
  • Optimise the recovery of resources from electronic products or their components
  • Develop a globally harmonised and locally relevant system for responsible e-waste management in India


Karo Sambhav offers responsible recycling possibilities to all its stakeholders through its partners. Any e-waste collected by us goes to the selected authorised recyclers in India, who are enrolled with us after going through very rigorous and thorough assessments.


Karo Sambhav engages with a wide audience to bring about a change in consumers’ attitude towards e-waste management through various awareness and training programmes.The programmes are designed to have long term benefits in terms of behavioural shift and are designed for high-impact stakeholders such as schools and bulk consumers.


The Karo Sambhavmobile app provides a new-age technological solution for the e-waste management process and ensures transparency in transactions. This app is assisting informal sector operators (waste aggregators and waste pickers) to integrate into the formal system.


We are currently present in over 68 cities, 29 States and 3 Union Territories across India through various initiatives. Through our programmes we have engaged over: 200+ Bulk Consumers, 1100+ Schools, 1200+ Waste Aggregators and 2000+ Waste Pickers.