Comply as a Leader

Karo Sambhav enables producers to transcend the compliance boundaries. We help you become thought leaders by participating in the transformation of e-waste management in India.

If you are a producer of electronic goods and believe that solving the e-waste problem of India requires urgent attention we invite you to join us and comply as a leader by:

  • Bringing unparalleled transparency in the collection, logistics and recycling of e-waste
  • Implementing a range of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) programmes in collaboration with local governments, institutions and civil society
  • Creating a discourse on e-waste: What it is, why it should not be hoarded or irresponsibly discarded and why it needs to be recycled responsibly
  • Setting-up take-back channels/points, and collecting the old/unwanted electronic products/parts that have reached their end-of-life
  • Meeting your collection targets in a cost-effective way
  • Ensuring environmentally sound and socially responsible recycling: We use stringent criteria to select our recycling partners and continually work with them to upgrade their practices
  • Creating a reach across all states of India using our extensive ecosystem and mobile technology
  • Providing real-time monitoring and data analytics

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