In the 10 Minutes you have spent here, 5.7 Killograms of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

Karo Sambhav

India's Leading Producer Responsibility Organisation

Karo Sambhav is a country-wide organisation, currently spread across 29 states, 3 union territories, and over 60 cities. Through our technology enabled e-waste management programme, we provide producers and global brands with comprehensive Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) services. Here is a snapshot of our presence.

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The Mission to "Make Possible"

We aim to transform e-waste from a challenge to a formalised and environmentally conscious industry that provides fair value to all the stakeholders in the value chain.

Our goal is to find inclusive, sustainable, scalable and transparent solutions for e-waste handling in India.

Our Producer Partners

Technology thought leaders are entrusting Karo Sambhav to help them meet their Extended Producers Responsibility (EPR) obligations.

We are working countrywide with producers and globally trusted brands like Apple, Dell, HP, Lenovo and HMD to implement their Extended Producer Responsibility(EPR), helping close their material loop.

We can help you meet EPR compliance. Join Us

Be a Part of the Solution

Be a part of our programme, join us in our mission to transform e-waste management in India and help spread the message of responsible recycling.

The Karo Sambhav ecosystem, built in sync with the diverse needs of multiple stakeholders in e-waste management, is growing and affecting change through five comprehensive outreach programmes.

Stories of Our Success

  • Empowering the women ragpickers of Bihar

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  • Responsible recycling a way of livelihood in Rajasthan

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  • The young environmental advocates in Maharashtra

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Why Join the Mission?

  • E-Waste collected by school students in Satara, Maharashtra through Karo Sambhav School Program is equal to E-Waste generated in the entire country of Kiribati in 7 days. This is the kind of movement we are aiming at.


    Execution Partner, Maharashtra
  • Nidan in collaboration with Karo Sambhav is working on improving lives of rag pickers in Patna. We are heading towards sustainable e-waste management solutions and 1400 ragpickers have been mobilised through this initiative by far.

    Ranjan Singh

    Nidan, NGO Partner
  • Karo Sambhav has been a strong partner to IFC’s ‘India E-waste Program’ aimed at building a responsible, sustainable private sector led e-waste management ecosystem in India. With an active network in over 27 states, Karo has been instrumental in building a cohesive collection network across India enabling ethical and responsible collection of e-waste. Not only is Karo making an impact at the grassroots level by providing cleaner and more sustainable livelihoods but is impacting change across the value chain and is today a strong voice in the sector. Karo’s technology platform will bring much needed transparency to the system, creating a new benchmark for the sector. IFC and Karo will continue to work together to build awareness and to systematically address some of the most pressing challenges facing the sector today including strengthening of the e-waste value chain and providing support to regulators and and other stakeholders to enable stronger enforcement and implementation of the E-waste Rules.

    Sarina Bolla

    International Finance Corporation
    ( A Unit of the World Bank Group )
  • As one of the largest distributors of I.T products in India, we felt vulnerable to the multiple layers of EPR compliance. Karo Sambhav has improved our ease of business, by providing us with an end to end EPR solution.”

    Devang Pandya

    SaveX Technologies
  • We are an emerging brand of mobile phones in India. It was important for us to move quickly on our EPR obligations to sustain our growth by being a compliant market player. Karo Sambhav has supported us in becoming a conscious and compliant company."

    Goutam Jain

    MTech Informatics Limited
  • Lenovo works with the WEEE consortia to support the development of systemic solutions for responsible e-waste management, with interventions at all levels of the e-waste value chain. Our EPR programmes enable behaviour change and support creation of formal take back channels by making inroads with the informal sector. We aim to maximise the impact of our programmes via continued engagements with consumers, PROs, recyclers and other stakeholders to collectively solve the multi-layered challenges in the sector and to create systemic solutions to those challenges.

    Rahul Agarwal

    Lenovo India

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Gurugram, Haryana 122002, India



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In the first year of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 3000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #KaroSambhav.