In the you have spent here, of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

The Karo Sambhav Ambassador Programme aims to prepare volunteers passionate about environment to enable communities to adopt sustainable practices and contribute towards building a circular economy.

The programme prepares these volunteers to become Ambassadors who can spread awareness on the need for responsible management of e-waste. The 2-6 month programme engages volunteers who are 18+.

Through this programme the Ambassadors will facilitate mass awareness across Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) and Educational institutions.

The Karo Sambhav Ambassador will go through an 8-week induction programme following which they will be certified to conduct e-waste awareness and collection campaigns.

Karo Sambhav Ambassadors will:

  • Engage with key leaders in educational institutions and RWAs to help them understand their responsibilities and establish solutions for e-waste
  • Organise e-waste awareness campaigns at RWAs and educational institutions to inspire their communities to adopt responsible e-waste management practices
  • Create awareness on different social media platforms

Become a Karo Sambhav Ambassador and create a cohesive e-waste movement.

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In the first year of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 3000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #KaroSambhav.