Karo Sambhav Bulk Consumer Program

Karo Sambhav Bulk Consumer Programme is designed to provide a responsible e-waste management solution to bulk consumers in India, who have been given definite responsibilities under the E-Waste (Management) Rules 2016. The Programme serves the e-waste management needs of offices, government institutions, schools, universities, hospitals, hotels, retailers, banks or any other organisations, that use electronic items like servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, photocopiers, printers, telephones or mobiles.

The programme drives collection of e-waste at the institutional level as well as employee level and enables bulk consumers to play an active role in driving responsible e-waste recycling in India.

The enrolled bulk consumers get recognition for using a responsible solution, a fair price for the acquisition of the waste and help with filing e-waste returns. They are also enabled to run awareness campaigns for employees on responsible recycling of e-waste.

Are You a Bulk Consumer?

E-waste is one of the fastest growing waste streams and a cause of grave concern globally. India is ranked 5th in the world for e-waste generation with an estimated generation of 18-20 lakh tonnes in 2016-17. If not recycled responsibly, this e-waste will go into the informal sector or landfills and harm people and environment.

So, if your organisation has at least 20 employees or a turnover of INR 1 Cr, you need to ACT NOW.

Join Us

Join the Karo Sambhav’s country-wide e-waste movement and go beyond compliance. The programme offers:

  • 100% assurance that the donated e-waste will be recycled in an environmentally sound and socially responsible way and enabling the use of the Best Available Technology
  • Ease of use through the Karo Sambhav mobile app
  • Data management for filing of annual e-waste returns to Pollution Control Board
  • Employee awareness campaigns
  • A fair price for the acquisition of e-waste
We have partnered with over 200 BULK CONSUMERS ACROSS SECTORS IN 6 MONTHS
  • Ashoka University, Sonepat
  • Relaxo, Delhi
  • Bennett & Coleman, Guwahati
  • MICA, Ahmedabad
  • Thomas Cook, Guwahati
  • Parle, Bahadurgarh