Recycle with Joy

Karo Sambhav transforms the way you manage your e-waste. We use a mobile technology platform to make your participation easy and ensure that your disposal of e-waste creates a positive social and environmental impact. Any e-waste passed to us goes to responsible recyclers in India who are selected using rigorous assessments.

If you are an office, government institution, school, university, hospital, hotel, retailer or bank and are using servers, desktops, laptops, tablets, photocopiers, printers, telephones or mobiles we help you recycle with joy by:

  • Offering 100% assurance that the e-waste will be handled, dismantled and recycled in an environmentally sound and socially responsible way
  • Enabling use of the Best Available Technology (BAT) in India for recycling
  • Ensuring seamless Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) implementation by using Karo Sambhav app
  • Providing data required for filing of annual e-waste returns to Pollution Control Board
  • Conducting awareness campaigns and employee engagement programmes

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