In the you have spent here, of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

The Karo Sambhav School Programme has been designed to create awareness on critical environmental issues including e-waste and inspiring students to adopt preventive environmental strategies in their daily lives. The programme is designed to create an environmental movement in schools with teachers playing a leading role.

The challenge for schools today is to create an education approach that is agile, adaptable and in-tune with the lives of students outside of the classroom and their future career. Schools need to create opportunities that allow students to become aware of real-world problems and makes them future ready.

This programme is designed to deploy contemporary pedagogical practices in the classroom to develop the 21st century skills of real-world problem solving, collaboration, critical thinking, creativity, communication and ICT competencies. The curriculum consisting of a toolkit of activities is intended from class 5 onward.

By March 2019 the programme will reach more than 2000 schools across India. In 2017-18 the programme was run in 40 cities across 29 states and 2 Union Territories. Over 121932 students, 2312 teachers and 1156 schools participated in the programme.

Enable behavioural change and help in closing the loop.

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In the first two years of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 6000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #EwasteRecycleKaro.