In the you have spent here, of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

In India, over 95% of e-waste reaches informal sector aggregators who sell their e-waste to informal sector recyclers who use crude methods for recycling including open air burning of wires and cyanide based acid baths for leaching of precious metals. This causes significant damage, both to human health and the environment.

Karo Sambhav works with informal sector aggregators to create opportunities to become formal actors in the waste management system, and grow their businesses in a safe, sustainable way.

We work with the informal sector workers to help them develop new skills, open bank accounts, register their companies and pay taxes.

The programme enables e-waste aggregators to grow with pride and is designed to:

  • Build capacity of waste aggregators on e-waste collection
  • Raise awareness on the need of responsible recycling of e-waste and the need to stop selling collected e-waste to informal recyclers
  • Enable informal waste aggregators to become formalised as a part of the take-back channel
  • Provide an option to sell and collect e-waste via the Karo Sambhav app

Karo Sambhav enrols e-waste aggregators to support them with:

  • Legitimising their business, as per the E-Waste Management Rules 2016
  • Tapping into increased business opportunities to develop “micro-entrepreneurs”
  • Bringing transparency to financial transactions for e-waste procurement
  • Improving skillsets and sensitisation programmes on e-waste

Become a part of the legal channel of e-waste management and grow with pride!

For association or more information/queries regarding this program, write to us at engage@karosambhav.com

In the first two years of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 6000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #EwasteRecycleKaro.