In the you have spent here, of e-waste has been recycled by Karo Sambhvav.

Most e-waste in the country is currently collected by waste pickers from individual households and further sold to waste aggregators who then sell it to informal recyclers.

Waste pickers are a very important link in the chain of e-waste management to enable responsible recycling. However, they are currently marginalised and do not have a consistent and legal source of income.

This programme is designed to provide waste collectors a sustainable livelihood by bringing them into the formal sector and giving them a legal identity as a link in the producer take-back channel.

The programme enables e-waste handlers to grow with pride and is designed to:

  • Build capacity of waste pickers on e-waste collection
  • Enable informal waste pickers to become formalised as a part of the take-back channel
  • Provide financial incentives to collect e-waste

Karo Sambhav also works with various social ventures and civil society groups to support waste pickers and create livelihood opportunities.

If you are an aggregator or an NGO working with waste pickers you can join hands with us to provide waste pickers a sustainable livelihood and grow with pride!

For association or more information/queries regarding this program, write to us at engage@karosambhav.com

In the first two years of our operations, we have successfully collected
and sent over 6000 MTs of e-waste for responsible recycling. #EwasteRecycleKaro.